Top Spin 4

When gamers think of tennis, mycarscent visions of the old 8-bit characters spring to mind, but luckily with today’s technology, those days are a thing of the past – which brings us the latest release in the genre, akunprorusia Top Spin 4.

While the normal Exhibition matches can be played with any of the included 20 real-life tennis stars, the actual magic is in the Career section. To no surprise, players will have to create a character and outfit them as they wish. Choosing clothing and equipment shouldn’t be too difficult as it has no effect on the player’s performance. semar128

Starting out as an unknown athlete, players will have to participate in a number of matches before then can start to make a name for themselves. A coach will also provide unique opportunities for skill bonuses and an increase in stats, but that will only happen if his requirements are met. verduurzamendeurne

The player’s career window is presented as a calendar, with each month having a number of matches scheduled. Players can only participate in matches if they meet the requirements, otherwise they will have to wait until the next year. spintenniscoach

While the coach can give players a boost in stats, athletes will also accumulate XP as they start winning matches. The XP collected can then be spent on upgrading the player’s stats, which will make him faster, antminet or grant stronger serves and better reflexes.

One of the simplest things of the title is, surprisingly, the control scheme. With tennis, it seems that timing is a huge factor, and although it is to a degree in the game, making the perfect shot doesn’t solely rely on it. ufa88myanmar

Players will get four basic shots, namely top spin, slice, lob and normal, with each shot corresponding to a face button on the controller. All that a player has to do is get the timing right in order to execute a power shot, otherwise it reverts the played shot into a normal stroke. crosstrainer-kaufen

If one doesn’t get the timing right for a power shot, then the shot’s placement will make all the difference, which is just as important.

Aiming is done with the left analogue stick, and although there isn’t any visual interpretation as to where the shot is going to go, players will have a fairly good idea as to its placement.

There is naturally a longish tutorial in the beginning of the game, but it all comes down to just practicing shots and experimenting with placement and shot selection. askanadviser

Top Spin 4 has also followed the route of many other sports games by giving the player a practice arena before entering into the main menu. sgmytrips

The graphics are great, to the extent that players won’t have to squint their eyes and guess which athletes are which. There are also some small touches that make the game just the extra bit involved, like detail on the referee’s chair and the odd water bottle on the side of the court. But, being a sports game, certain graphical aspects have been neglected. Although they don’t hinder the game or the flow, it’s just small little things that players might notice.







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